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HR Gear.com, the attorney-developed, award-winning business resource and reference center, includes the HR and Benefits tools and information every business needs to keep running smoothly – and stay in compliance with state and federal laws.

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Partner with us to provide this valuable resource to your customers and clients. This proven, cost-effective service provides added value to your business services, that will help you attract and retain your business customers!

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We understand the pressures that insurance and banking professionals are faced with to attract and retain business in today’s tumultuous healthcare climate. HR Gear can help you stand out from the crowd.  

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LibraryYour business customers will have a voluminous virtual business library at their fingertips… and your logo on their desktops every day!

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What is HR Gear? HRgear.com is a comprehensive, authoritative explanation of the laws, news, trends and developments, incorporating a library of forms, checklists, policies, and model documents that businesses  refer to every day.

Individual subscriptions are just $159 per year. For information about bulk subscriptions, or to inquire about  content licensing, please contact us at info@HRgear.com.

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We have the legal knowledge and technology to enable professionals to equip their clients with the information that will help their businesses prosper, while remaining compliant with state and federal laws.

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Whether a prospect or client is just starting a business, or has years of experience, they will learn from the  practical guidance, as well as the authoritative legal information in all areas of HR and employee management that HRgear.com provides.  Most importantly, your clients will get the VIP service they deserve, while you sit back and let the site generate the increased revenue for you!

Our goal is to keep the site clutter-free and to present our members with an intuitive, user-friendly experience.  Our on-staff writers and legal experts enable us to keep our pricing simple, scalable, and affordable.

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Surf around the site for free, to get an idea of the wealth and breadth of our content. Or, subscribe now and get access to the full “library” covering Human Resources, healthcare,  employee benefits, safety, payroll, taxes and more.

HR Gear explains and analyzes complicated laws and confusing acronyms, including ACA, ATRA, DOMA, COBRA, ERISA, ADA, FLSA, FMLA, HIPAA, and more.

BusinessHR Gear includes hundreds of downloadable forms, checklists, policies, posters and model documents. Plus, a popular section featuring References and Links to State and Federal Government sites, forms and information–selected by our editors and aggregated all in one place to save you–and your clients–time and money.

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You get all this… and more:

Our expert authors, editors and consultants have years of experience advising clients, educating professionals, and writing about employment law, employee benefits, taxes and related business compliance topics. Put our experience and expertise to work for you!

Click on the Contents tab to see the major topics we cover. Check out our extensive Forms, Tools & Resources. Or, scan the latest business News via our live news-feeds.

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For information about bulk subscriptions, or to inquire about  content licensing, please contact us at info@HRgear.com.

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