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  1. Planning for Retirement
  2. Choosing a Retirement Solution for Your Small Business
  3. Saving for Retirement
  4. Health and Benefits
  5. Medicare Videos
  6.  IRS Tax Information Videos
  7. DOL’s “Know Your Rights” video series 
  8. OSHA Videos
  9. OSHA Respiratory Protection Video Series (17 videos)
  10. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Videos
  11. Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Videos
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Planning for Retirement

These videos from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) can help you picture yourself at retirement, and start saving now so your future self can enjoy a secure retirement. By saving early, you can make a big difference in your financial plans for tomorrow.

Choosing a Retirement Solution for Your Small Business

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Saving for Retirement

Many workers don’t realize how important it is to get an early start on saving for retirement. This DOL video provides information for workers about the importance of saving for retirement and how to get started.

Health and Benefits

Many workers aren’t aware of the laws that protect their health benefits. This DOL video provides information for workers about their health care rights.

Medicare Videos

 IRS Tax Information Videos

IRS Tax Tips for viewing, along with their texts.

IRS videos, hosted on the IRS YouTube channel,  cover the following:

  • Additional Medicare Tax
  • Changed Your Name After Marriage or Divorce?
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Education Tax Credits
  • Employer Identification Number
  • Estimated Tax Payments
  • First-Time Homebuyer Credit Account Look-Up Tool
  • Gambling Winnings and Losses
  • Haven’t Filed a Tax Return in Years?
  • Health Insurance on W-2
  • IRS Information in Spanish
  • IRS Tax Payment Options
  • IRS Online Tax Calendar
  • IRS Tax Forms and Publications
  • IRS Withholding Calculator
  • Is Social Security Taxable?
  • Job Search Expenses
  • Medical and Dental Expenses
  • Military Tax Tips
  • Moving Expenses
  • Home Office Deduction
  • Small Business Health Care Tax Credit
  • Itemized Deductions
  • Tax Information About Same-Sex Marriage
  • Taxable and Nontaxable Income
  • Top Tax Return Mistakes
  • More IRS Videos

 Identity Theft Video Tax Tips

New YouTube Videos, Online Resources Help Taxpayers Abroad
The IRS has launched three online videos and expanded other online resources designed to help taxpayers, especially those living abroad, meet their U.S. tax obligations.

Watch these and other videos on the IRS’s YouTube Channel.

usdol-logo_originalDOL’s “Know Your Rights” video series 

The DOL’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) developed this “Know Your Rights” video series in English and Spanish to provide basic information on different scenarios that workers encounter in the workplace, including the federal minimum wage; overtime pay; when an employer has to pay an employee; “off the clock work”; who is an employee and who is an independent contractor; what rights young workers have; seasonal workers; and more.

You can watch DOL videos on the Department of Labor’s Youtube channel.

Know Your Rights (all segments)(Colección del Vídeo Informativo de Conozca sus Derechos)
Minimum WageMinimum Wage (el Salario Mínimo)
Regular PayRegular Pay (el Pago Regular)
Misclassification as Independent ContractorMisclassification as Independent Contractor (Empleado vs el Contratista)
Migrant and Seasonal WorkMigrant and Seasonal Work(el Empleo Estacional)
OvertimeOvertime (Tiempo Extra)
Off-the-Clock HoursOff-the-Clock Hours (Fuera del Horario)
Child LaborChild Labor(el Trabajo Infantil)
How to File a ComplaintHow to File a Complaint(Quejas)

OSHA Videos

OSHA Videos – Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSHA Respiratory Protection Video Series (17 videos)

OSHA Inspections Video

This 18 minute video follows a typical workplace inspection, discusses the different types of inspections, what triggers inspections, penalties, etc.

Respiratory Protection in General Industry
OSHA Respiratory Protection Videos (10:22 mins)
English  Español

Partner with OSHA: New Ways of Working – Video

This 11 minute video provides information about the advantages of partnering with OSHA to develop an effective safety and health program.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Videos

 USCIS Videos

Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Videos

MSHA Video Collections 


SBA Videos



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