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About HRGear.com

HRgear.com is an award-winning business library developed by T.P. Press, the experts in Employment Law. We’ve brought our extensive knowledge, expertise and  experience together to bring you this robust HR resource for small businesses.

2016_APEXAt HR Gear, we understand the value Human Resources plays in today’s successful business, and how to leverage that knowledge to help you protect your bottom line.  We are happy to present HRgear.com, our award-winning site covering Human Resources, employee benefits, labor & employment, payroll, health & safety, and personal financial planning information.

HR Gear was developed to provide business owners, managers and their advisers–attorneys, accountants, insurance agents, and others–with the practical and legal information they need to effectively and efficiently deal with the many HR and other compliance issues their businesses encounter on a daily basis.

HRG_wall3Our Corporate Headquarters is located in New York, with sales offices in New Jersey and Connecticut. We partner with  Chambers of Commerce and businesses throughout the U.S. to provide the vital information and tools  businesses need to grow and prosper in today’s litigious atmosphere and volatile economic market.

Written and reviewed by attorneys with years of experience in Employment Law, and presented to you in plain English, HR Gear is a Lawsunique resource that explains and simplifies complicated information about a host of key HR and related areas. HR Gear covers the life-cycle of labor and employment topics, from recruiting and hiring to discipline and termination, including employee testing, EEO and discrimination, vacation & leave policies, and related issues, as well as tax, retirement and estate planning issues.

Simply put, “HR Gear discusses, explains and analyzes complicated federal laws and confusing acronyms–such as COBRA, DOMA, ACA, PPACA, ERISA, ADA, FLSA, FMLA, HIPAA and others–in plain English, so that they can be understood by the professional and lay person alike.”

HR Gear Is available as an annual subscription. Password-protected areas of the site include a voluminous library of Businessforms, tools, checklists, model language, company policies, sample letters and employee communications covering a wide range of HR and related business topics. Members have unlimited access to download these forms and tools for their individual use in Employee Handbooks and other company communications.

HRgear subscriptions are also available as site licenses, bulk subscriptions, and as portal, private-label, and channel-partner applications.

For more information or to inquire about bulk subscriptions or content licensing, please click here or contact us at info@HRgear.com. Be sure to ask about our promotional packages for Banks, Insurance agencies, and Chambers of Commerce.

HRgear.com is powered by T.P. Press, a New York company that has been publishing legal compliance products since 1992. HRgear.com 2016-02-11is derived from a library of former print publications and decades of authoritative experience in HR, employment law, tax,  compensation and employee benefits.

Please feel free to contact me directly, with any questions or suggestions. Compliments and constructive criticism are always welcome!

Elliot A. Censor
Vice President and COO
ECensor @ HRgear.com

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